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Can we help you ?

Do you have an item for repair ?

The Frome Men's Shed repairs a wide range of items - See Repairs 

Do you have something you want making ?

Deckchair, Bird Box, Bat Box, Bug Hotel, Owl Box, Sewing, Weaving, Decorative paintings& murals,Gardening.

Do you want some advice on tools, projects or design ?

We have a very wide range of skills in the Shed - Carpenters, Decorators, metal-workers, Electricians, Project Managers, wood-carvers, Upholsters, Glass workers, experienced DIYers, and many more.  People often bring in items for advice - Where can I get a replacement for....? , Where can I get hold of a new one of these ?, What is the best way of doing this ...? etc etc.

Would you like the Frome Shed to take part in your event ?

Do you run events where where the attendees may be interested in what the Shed does ?  Could Shedders take part in meetings or conferences where their experience of Men's Sheds and well-being could be useful ?.  See details of external events that the Frome Shed have attended. Please contact us to see if we can help.

I'm just interested

If you want to just Express an interest in the Shed -Please click on this link

For more information, please sign up for our News Alerts - You will receive information by email about Frome Shed events and news.