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Can you help us ?

Do you know someone who would benefit from coming to the Frome Shed ?

Frome Shedders get great benefit from socialising, learning different things, and passing valuable skills to others. It keeps them active and gets them involved. If you know people who could benefit from becoming a Frome Shed Member, encourage them to visit us - Print the flier at the bottom of the page, and pass them a copy.  We welcome visitors who are thinking of becoming a member, often visiting with partners or friends. Do encourage them to drop by on a Thursday morning.


Our Shedders appreciate challenges for repair or to make - If you have items for repair ( long as this doesn't compete with local businesses !) do drop by and see if we can fix it. See Repairs page for more details

Tools donations

We are indebted to the many people who have donated tools to the Shed - We refurbish and use what we can.  We do on occasion sell donated Tools to Shedders and others, where we have duplicated on unwanted items.  We also donate specialised tools or very infrequently used to SHARE in Frome.

Materials donations

We appreciate donations of materials, but our storage facilities in the Workshop aren't huge !

Invitations to Events

We appreciate invitations to events both as Speakers, Exhibitors and attendees - See External Events page for details of events we have attended in the past.



Please print and give to Potential Shedders !

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