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Lodka - Coracle #3


Name:                                  Lodka

Registered:                         Frome Shed.

Home port:                         Market Yard Frome

Classification:                     Z9 at Lloyds (the chemists).

Length between Perpendiculars: 1.4 metres

LWL:                                      1.1 metres

Beam:                                   1.1 metres

Dead Weight:                     0.1 tonnes

Freeboard:                         0.18 metres (winter), 0.15 metres (summer)

Gross tonnage:                  0.113 tonnes

Mass                                 0.013 tonnes (12.75kg)

Entry angle:                 90 degrees

Immersed depth:         0.12 metres

Constructor:                       M Bacon



Mahogany planking clad in epoxy and aramid. Ash frames. Mahogany keel. Oukoume bilges.

Scantling: Planks 2-4mm, Kevlar 0.5mm, frames 20 by 25mm nominal. Keel 8mm.


Biological motor with single blade propeller, 60W approx.

Hull speed:                         2.45kt

Cruising speed:           0kt (in circles)

Note - the original plan to use WEST (i.e. saturate hull with epoxy) didn’t materialise because the result would have been too heavy. The lining is rubber paint and the Kevlar skin is not fully bonded to the hull. This saves about 2kg at the cost of some strength, but the result seems quite strong.