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Visitor from Japan - Kakeru Iwase

By Patrick Abrahams Frome Shed

Monday, 11 November 2019


Frome Shed Contributor


On the 7th November, the Frome Men’s Shed were delighted to have a visit from a Japanese medical Student - Kakeru Iwase.
Kakeru has been working on a project with the Frome Medical Centre who are interested in understanding more about what our community needs to stay healthy and well.
Kakeru is in his 6th year of his medical degree at Jichi Medical University in Japan and has been in Frome for some while helping with a wellbeing survey.
The survey is to help understand what is most valued and if opportunities arise where improvements might be focused in the future.
While he was at the Shed he met with Shed President Ron Carver, and Shedders Patrick Abrahams, Richard Whitehouse, Tony Hopkins, Bern Sawle, Leon Russell, John Corfield, Bryan Gallop, Ian Williams and Gerry Howe and others.
Kakeru was very impressed with the enthusiasm for the community he felt in the Men’s Shed. He thanked all those Shedders for their help. He went on to say:
“After I visited the Men's Shed, I got the idea that elderly people can spend a large variety of life; their own colors come from their multiple experiences and characters. What fantastic it was!! All of the men I talked looked so happy that they enjoy their own time in the small space. I was very surprised to hear that some of the men over 80, all of them look younger than they are. This place would contribute to many people as a place to give more energy.”
He thought that the Frome FM radio show “Shed Happens” was a nice idea to involve shedders and other guests on the program to improve their knowledge of Sheds and health literacy, and to spread the word on Sheds generally.
He said he would take the idea to Japan as he never heard of Men’s Sheds before and couldn't find any Japanese website on the internet.
He said “ (Men’s Sheds) would be a great chance for Japan, which has a lot of elderly people suffering from loneliness.”
He asked if we could keep in touch with him after he returns to Japan – We will !
If you are interested in getting involved in making Frome a stronger community following the survey the next ”ideas café” will be held on 28th November 1:30-2:30 at the Cheese and Grain cafe.

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