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Please download the Newsletters and activity reports for the Frome Shed below.

The Frome Shed Newsletter for May 2020
News   -   activities during closure   -   AGM plans   -   Trustees   -   Competition   -   ‘Shed Share’
Phil Courtney, as many of you will know, has been quite unwell for some time and has been very much missed at The Shed. Phil spent time in hospital a little while back and then returned home where he is now isolating like the rest of us, but he is receiving support. Phil has been associated with the Frome Shed from day 1, he’s been our Treasurer for some years and took over as Chairman in Feb 2019 after Patrick Abrahams had stood down. Phil has very reluctantly made the decision not to continue as a Trustee/Chairman/Secretary, which leaves us with quite a gap. A few of us have sent Phil a ‘Thinking of You” card with our ‘mug shots’ – we feel confident he will have smiled!
Holding our AGM
You are probably aware that our AGM is due soon. Last year’s AGM was held on 28th February so this year’s AGM should be held by the end of May (being within the stipulated15 months). Although our constitution allows us to have meetings by electronic means we have no plan as yet regarding when and how we might hold our AGM, but we are certain that a delay will be acceptable in the circumstances.
Identifying new trustees
Our major concern is to establish who might step forward for election as a Trustee when the time comes, following on from Phil’s news (above) and recognising that some other long serving Trustees have shared that they might step down this year. We recognise that some members will wish to continue with, or take on, “Volunteer Officer” roles such as Duty Manager, Welfare Officer, Cashier, H&S Officer, etc whilst not being a Trustee. The Chair, Treasurer and Secretary are “Trustee Officer” roles and they will need to be elected by the Trustees at their first meeting after the AGM. The bottom line is that we need a minimum number of  Trustees to continue to function in line with our charity status. Many of our members have the ability to carry out this task, and in fact already support the management of the Shed in various ways. Being a trustee is an interesting job, and is a way to deeply connect with the working and ethos of the Shed.
If you feel you might be interested in standing as a Trustee please do let us know by replying to ‘’ with a ‘Yes’ or with a ‘Tell me more please’.
Shed Activities during closure
·      The Shed Show and Shed Happens

The Shed Show goes out monthly on a Thursday on Frome FM, at noon, the next one being this Thursday 30 April, and the theme will be ‘Grandparenting’. Interviews with Shed grandparents, and with a grandchild, on various modes of grandparenting, both before and after lockdown. Also good advice from an expert on different ways of connecting with people online.
Patrick has been producing an epic two-hour radio show, ‘Shed Happens’, weekly for the UKMSA  for some weeks, and this covers all of the UK, with interviews also with Sheds as far afield as Australia. Look for details on the Frome FM website.
·      We can reach most Shed members via our website and emails, and such contact can substitute for a while for the social contact of The Shed.
We are going to make more use of our Frome Men’s Shed website, and the Frome Women’s Shed Facebook pages.  We all need to keep busy, so…..
·      A monthly art and photographic competition is already running on the website, the current topic ‘windows, Doors’ closes on Friday 31 April, and winners will be announced shortly afterwards.
The topic for May will be ‘The New Normal’. Send your drawings/paintings/photos/collages to to enter your offering before the end of May.
·      Shedders are already making and mending things at home, so we are giving them the chance to show it off on our website. Please send your pictures and captions for the
‘Lockdown Shedding’ page to
·      Shedders can now ask for materials they need, or offer them, or offer skills, or ask for things to be made on a special page of the website. Look for the ‘Shed Share’ tab on the top search bar of the website. Send your requests with some description or an image to
·      Zoom and Houseparty : these are internet programmes we can use free, to have group chats.
Do you fancy a group chat over a cup of coffee at 11 o’clock on your Shed Day? Please contact John Corfield  ‘’ if you can help to get something started on a Monday or a Thursday.
·      Please do let us know of any interests, initiatives, skills, projects, ideas etc that you would like to share amongst Shedders by emailing John Corfield (
If we can help, we will surely try.
We hope you received our ‘email to Shedders’ which highlights a few factors related to the Shed’s  survival.
Wishing every member good fortune at this time.
Keep safe
The Frome Shed.