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All Men's Sheds

There are now quite a few Men's Sheds in the area (see the links to their  websites below, or visit the UK Men's Sheds Association Map for more details):-

Wincanton             The Touchwood Men's Shed

Burrowbridge        The Somerset levels and Moors Shed (SLaMS)

Westbury               The Westbury Shed

Corsham                The Brunel Shed

Melksham              The Melksham Shed

Trowbridge             The Trowbridge Men's Shed

Yeovil                      Yeovil Men's Shed

Wedmore                PLANNED

South Somerset     PLANNED

Wells                      PLANNED

Shepton Mallet       PLANNED

Street                     OPEN

Yate                       PLANNED 

Bristol                     There are seven Men's Sheds in Bristol