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"Shed Happens" - 4th April 2019

This radio show from the Frome Men’s Shed is on Frome FM under the banner of The Health and Wellbeing Hour and is called “Shed Happens”

You can hear the show on Frome FM 96.6 locally, and online at (world-wide) on Thursday, 4th April 2019 from 12:00 to 1pm. It's repeated at 6pm the same day.

It is broadcast again on Saturday 6th April at 2pm, and on Monday at 7am.

See details on Frome FM by clicking here

The show this month is a  ”Shed Happens” Special - featuring many of  the  “Making Tracks” Shedders have made over the last year, plus two brand new ones.

Making tracks is based on Radio 4’s “Saturday Live’s”  Inheritance Tracks – Where they celebrate music that guests cherish and would like to bestow on future generations.

Our making Tracks is a piece of music that Shedders identify as coming from a time when they undertook a large, or difficult project.

The range of projects that Shedders tell their stories about is amazing – from building camper vans, stylish shipping containers for homeless people, building a house extensions, making guitars, playhouses, and  mine detectors, of breaking down in the desert in South Africa, trying to keep the 2012 Olympics Aquatics centre project on time,  and fitting out a shop under time pressures.

Frome  “Shedder”          First broadcast     Music Track / Artist                                             From year:-

Patrick Abrahams             16-Nov-17           "Skandal im Sperrbezirk" - The Spider Murphy Gang              1981

Bern Sawle                       14-Dec-17            “Little Boxes” - Pete Seeger                                                           1963

Richard Whitehouse         08-Feb-18            “America” - Simon & Garfunkel                                                   1968

Stewart Male                     08-Mar-18           "Night Life"- BB King                                                                      1966

Martin Bacon                     05-Apr-18            "Shipbuilding" - Elvis Costello                                                      1982

John Walton                       23-Aug-18           "Six Days on the Road"- Taj Mahal                                              1969

Colin Pearce                      15-Nov-18           "Slipin and Sliding" - Simon & Garfunkel                                    1981

Sam Morris                         04-Apr-19            “Here is the House” – Depeche Mode                                       1986

Dan Gmaj                           04-Apr-19            “1999” - Prince                                                                                1982


Music Tracks

"The Shed Song" - Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers (2005)

“All over the World” – Electric Light Orchestra (1980)

 If you have any comments on the show or would like “Shed Happens” to continue this year, please email us at and let us know.

Contacts for the Frome Shed

Frome Men’s Shed – Contact Email:, Tel: 07732-963073

Frome Women’s Shed – Contact Ros Whitehouse. Email:  Tel: 07500 061624