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"Shed Happens" – 13th December 2018

This radio show from the Frome Men’s Shed is on Frome FM under the banner of The Health and Wellbeing Hour and is called “Shed Happens”

You can hear the show on Frome FM 96.6 locally, and online at (world-wide) on Thursday, 13th December  2018 from 12:00 to 1pm. It's repeated at 6pm the same day.

It is broadcast again on Saturday 15th December  at 2pm, and on Monday at 7am.

See details on Frome FM by clicking here

We’re currently not sure whether “Shed Happens” will continue in 2019 – So we thought we would have a special show this month – featuring the best bits of the shows broadcast over  the last 12 months.

If you have any comments on the show or would like “Shed Happens” to continue next year, please email us at and let us know.

People featured:

Patrick Abrahams – Shedder
Peter Gallagher – Milton Keynes Shed
Andrew Bomford – BBC
Bev and Luke
Jenny Hartnoll – Frome Medical Health Centre
Stewart Male - Shedder
Rupert Kirkham – Frome Fm
Pedro Vedova - Globo TV Brazil
Seon-Ju - KBN Television
Bob Smith - Shedder
Ian Williams - Shedder
Ron Carver - Shedder
Ray Cotton - Shedder
Emily Connor – Nunney First School
Eliza Graham
Amelia Parisian - Shedder
John Philp - Shedder
Liz Eley – Frome Bat Care
Mike Jenn – Camden Shed and the UKMSA
Mike Crawshaw – Calne Men’s Shed
Bengt Norborg - Swedish TV (STV)
Matt Tomlin - Shedder
Richard Wallace – Shedder
Paul Fine – Shedder
Judith Burke - Shedder
Betty Duke – Shedder
Phil Courtney – Shedder
Leon Russell - Shedder
Steve Gray – Shedder
Sam Morris – Shedder
Tony Hopkins – Shedder
John Young - Shedder

Music Tracks

"The Shed Song" - Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
“Wake Me Up” – Avicii
“Night Life” – B.B. King
“All over the World” – Electric Light Orchestra