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"Shed Happens" 23rd August 2018

This radio show from the Frome Men’s Shed is on Frome FM under the banner of The Health and Wellbeing Hour and is called “Shed Happens”

The Radio Show "Shed Happens" is on Frome FM 96.6, and on Thursday, 23rd August 2018 from 12:00 to 1pm.

See details on Frome FM by clicking here

You can download it as a podcast from the website.

This month’s show is about Deafness and Hearing difficulties.

This” Shed Happens” featured conversations with some Frome Shedders Martin Curran, Richard Whitehouse and Brian Stevens. We had a brief interview with Pedro Vedova (Globo TV Brazil)

We had some music, a “Making Tracks” from Shedder John ‘Kowalski’ Walton and news about the Frome Shed, and other Sheds in the area.



One of the Studio guests - Richard Whitehouse  - suggested I load this link - It shows cinemas that run sub-titled shows



Frome Women’s Shed

Contact Ros on 07500-061624



Warminster Men’s Shed

Contact: Jacqui Abbott

Community Engagement Manager (Warminster)

Tel: 01722 434 344    Mobile: 07771 844 530

Warminster Men's Shed meeting - Tuesday September 4 10am - 12 noon at Warminster Civic Centre, Sambourne Road,Warminster,  BA12 8LB



The Somerdale Shed – Keynsham

Contact: Matt Prosser

See poster below

Open day: 8th September at the Somerdale Pavilion, Tiberius Road, Keynsham, BS31 2FF.


The Churn Shed – Cirencester

Contact: 01285 380038

Music Tracks

"The Shed Song" - Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers

“I hear you knocking” – Dave Edmunds

"Six Days on the Road" – Taj Mahal (John “Kowalski” Walton “Making Tracks”)

"My Father's Eyes" - Eric Clapton

05 Frome and Local Shed News (4-47).mp3
04 Making Tracks John Walton Six Days (4-44) With INTRO.mp3