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"Shed Happens"

“Shed Happens” is a monthly one-hour show produced by the Frome Shed, as part of the Frome FM “Health & Wellbeing” hour.

“Shed Happens” is about the Shedders that come to the Shed, what we do, and about visitors who come to the shed.  It is mixed with some music. In addition to Frome Shedders taking part, we have guest interviews – some live, some pre-recorded, some by phone.

We also have a news section, regarding local Men's Sheds’ news 

We often have a feature called “Making Tracks” This is a piece of music that remind Shedders of a time when they undertook a large, or difficult handmade project – in other words – Music that reminds them of Making stuff.

The show has been very successful and has been featured on Radio 4’s “World at One”. (See photograph)

Listen to the 7 minute clip here.

The show is broadcast on Frome FM (96.6) every fourth Thursday from 12:00 to 1pm, and then repeated at 6pm the same day as the live show, at 2pm on the following Sunday and 7am the following Monday. See dates of the show below.

Andrew Bomford (Radio 4) recording at Frome FM Andrew Bomford (Radio 4) recording at Frome FM