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Covid risk assessment

Covid risk assessment

See attachment PDF form for the Frome Shed Covid risk assessment. If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, go here:

Government changes after 9 October may affect these conditions – we will endeavour to advise members as quickly as possible of any changes which may occur.
Unfortunately for the moment, we have to restrict numbers attending, with only a maximum of 6 in the downstairs workshop(2A), and 5 in the upstairs workshop(10c), so you will need to reserve a slot in advance.
Please ensure you maintain Social distancing when travelling to the Shed, not sharing transport with anyone outside your household.
The new registration process will be that you call the duty Manager for the session you want to attend within three days before the session, stating which workshop you wish to attend. Please be patient with this process, we hope all will be able to book a session OK. The list of Duty Managers and their telephone numbers will be sent to all members before we re-open.
We have implemented extensive new ventilation equipment in both workshops, which will provide both adequate air changes, with extremely high levels of filtration.
New Covid Shed safety Protocols must be met for members to visit – Please note - if members have any of the following symptoms, they should not enter the Shed:  continuous cough, high temperature or loss or change to sense of smell or taste.
Please always comply with all the Covid safe signs that are in place.
There is a one-way system in place – To enter either workshop, please enter the Welshmill via the door to the right hand side, then proceed along the corridor to the lower workshop.  You will be shown the one way system within the lower workshop, and also the route to the upper workshop.
For the moment we will not be operating the four larger machines in the upper workshop – ie the planer thicknesser, table saw, large morticer or the band saw.
Face coverings must be worn on entry to the Shed, and throughout the entire session.  A properly fitting fabric face covering is preferred , whereas anyone not able to wear one can wear a visor. Both face coverings and visors are available from the Shed on entry if you don’t have them (Gloves are 50p per pair, facemask 50p each, and visors £5 each)
During the Shed session you will be limited to a single workstation, which will all be provided with sanitisers and wipes. Please wipe down any tools you use before handling. All equipment and surfaces to be disinfected with wipes by you before leaving.
Please ensure you always maintain social distance of 1 metre, 2 metres if possible.
will not be providing refreshment facilities – if you wish to bring refreshments please do, but do not share them with other Shedders. (You can remove your mask to consume refreshments)
As it is 7 months since we last opened, we need updated contact and Health information needed from you.  Revised Membership forms will be available for you to update at the first session you attend. Please bring exact session fees if possible – Note session fees are £4 for every session attended, and you will also need to pay the annual membership fee of £10.
Only members are allowed to visit the Shed currently, but we do have a new facility for people to visit the Shed virtually via Zoom.  If you want more information on this, please email