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Frome Shed

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The Frome Shed appreciates the support we get from the Frome Standard, The Frome Times, and Frome FM - And other publications.

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See below examples of Frome Shed press coverage.

18th August 2017 - Radio Guernsey – Euan Mahy 

1st August 2017 - Frome FM - "All about Frome" with Rupert Kirkham

21st March 2017 - Frome FM - "All about Frome" with Rupert Kirkham

Frome Times 27-Feb-2020 P11 Frome makes a Healthy Impact.pdf Frome-Times-27-Feb-2020-P11-Frome-makes-a-Healthy-Impact.pdf 502.8 KB 19-Nov-2019 Call out for Storytellers Frome Times P28.pdf 19-Nov-2019-Call-out-for-Storytellers-Frome-Times-P28.pdf 135.5 KB Frome Times 24-Oct-2019 Page 23 Deputy Mayor visits womens Shed.pdf Frome-Times-24-Oct-2019-Page-23-Deputy-Mayor-visits-womens-Shed.pdf 130.9 KB Frome Times 24-Oct-2019 Page 12 Call out for Storytellers.pdf Frome-Times-24-Oct-2019-Page-12-Call-out-for-Storytellers.pdf 199.9 KB Frome Standard 05-Sep-2019 P 4 Enjoying a look at Sheds new base (Mayors visit).pdf Frome-Standard-05-Sep-2019-P-4-Enjoying-a-look-at--Sheds-new-base-(Mayors-visit).pdf 643.1 KB Frome Standard 05-Sep-2019 P 11 Mayors Personal View.pdf Frome-Standard-05-Sep-2019-P-11-Mayors-Personal-View.pdf 450.6 KB Frome Times – 27-Aug-2019 Page 5 - The Women’s Shed shows off its skills.pdf Frome-Times-–-27-Aug-2019-Page-5---The-Women’s-Shed-shows-off-its-skills.pdf 191.4 KB Womens Shed at the Childrens Festival - Frome Times 18-Jul-2019 P28.pdf Womens-Shed-at-the-Childrens-Festival---Frome-Times-18-Jul-2019-P28.pdf 104 KB Frome Times 20-Jun-2019 P25 Members wanted for TechShed Frome.pdf Frome-Times-20-Jun-2019-P25-Members-wanted-for-TechShed-Frome.pdf 285.5 KB Frome Sheds pay tribute on chairman's retirement Frome Times 06-Jun-2019 - P 12.pdf Frome-Sheds-pay-tribute-on-chairman's-retirement-Frome-Times-06-Jun-2019---P-12.pdf 219.1 KB 23-May-2019 New Shed for Young Adults Frome Times p10.pdf 23-May-2019-New-Shed-for-Young-Adults-Frome-Times-p10.pdf 173.3 KB Frome Times – 9th May 2019 ITV Peoples Projects - big success in Frome – One year on.pdf Frome-Times-–-9th-May-2019-ITV-Peoples-Projects----big-success-in-Frome-–-One-year-on.pdf 625.9 KB 01-Mar-2019 UKMSA Shoulder-to-Shoulder 49 (March 2019) A Royal Visit.pdf 01-Mar-2019-UKMSA-Shoulder-to-Shoulder-49-(March-2019)-A-Royal-Visit.pdf 663.7 KB 28-Feb-2019 - Frome Times - Help to start a Men's Shed for young Adults.pdf 28-Feb-2019---Frome-Times---Help-to-start-a-Men's-Shed-for-young-Adults.pdf 336 KB 14-Feb-2019 Frome Times Duchess of Cornwall visits the Frome Men's Shed.pdf 14-Feb-2019-Frome-Times-Duchess-of-Cornwall-visits-the-Frome-Men's-Shed.pdf 3 MB Frome Standard -Royal Visit that makes our day - 31-Jan-2019 Page 1 and Page 6.pdf Frome-Standard--Royal-Visit-that-makes-our-day----31-Jan-2019-Page-1-and-Page-6.pdf 2.8 MB Mail Online - Caped Crusader(HRH Camilla) visits the Frome Shed 30-Jan-2019.pdf Mail-Online----Caped-Crusader(HRH-Camilla)--visits-the-Frome-Shed--30-Jan-2019.pdf 1.1 MB Express and Star - Duchess of Cornwall pays tribute to stalwart 30-Jan-2019.pdf Express-and-Star---Duchess-of-Cornwall-pays-tribute-to-stalwart-30-Jan-2019.pdf 494 KB Express onLine - Camilla - Duchess of Cornwall wraps up against cold 30-Jan-2019.pdf Express-onLine---Camilla---Duchess-of-Cornwall-wraps-up-against-cold-30-Jan-2019.pdf 256.9 KB Hello Online - The Duchess of Cornwall stuns 30-Jan-2019.pdf Hello-Online---The-Duchess-of-Cornwall-stuns-30-Jan-2019.pdf 138.8 KB Somerset Live - Video shows 'surprise' royal visit to Somerset - 30-Jan-2019.pdf Somerset-Live---Video-shows-'surprise'-royal-visit-to-Somerset---30-Jan-2019.pdf 282.5 KB The Duchess of Cornwall wears tartan to fulfill locals in Frome INFOSURHOY.pdf The-Duchess-of-Cornwall-wears-tartan-to-fulfill-locals-in-Frome-INFOSURHOY.pdf 95.7 KB How big is your bucket list - UKMSA Shoulder-to-Shoulder January 2019.pdf How-big-is-your-bucket-list---UKMSA-Shoulder-to-Shoulder-January-2019.pdf 547.4 KB Men's Shed feature in German documentary - Frome Times - 17-Jan-2019.pdf Men's-Shed-feature-in-German-documentary---Frome-Times---17-Jan-2019.pdf 182.3 KB WELLS JOURNAL - Frome Men's Shed donation of a Band Saw to the Wells Community Shed 27-Dec-2018.pdf WELLS-JOURNAL---Frome-Men's-Shed-donation-of-a-Band-Saw-to-the-Wells-Community-Shed-27-Dec-2018.pdf 387.2 KB White Horse News - 08-Nov-2018 Page 8 Shedders working together.pdf White-Horse-News---08-Nov-2018-Page-8-Shedders-working-together.pdf 273.9 KB
Coracle Association Journal Autumn 2018.pdf Coracle-Association-Journal--Autumn-2018.pdf 861.3 KB The Frome Shed helps businesses collaborate to support the youth club - Frome Times 25-Oct-2018.pdf The-Frome-Shed-helps-businesses-collaborate-to-support-the-youth-club---Frome-Times-25-Oct-2018.pdf 276.9 KB Frome Times 27-Sep-2018 Surprises in the Frome Men's Shed p27.pdf Frome-Times-27-Sep-2018-Surprises-in-the-Frome-Men's-Shed-p27.pdf 376.2 KB Frome Times 27-Sep-2018 Frome Women's Shed reach the airways following Cheese Show success P27.pdf Frome-Times-27-Sep-2018-Frome-Women's-Shed-reach-the-airways-following-Cheese-Show-success-P27.pdf 356.2 KB Shoulder-to-Shoulder-041-July-2018 Frome Men's Shed goes International.pdf Shoulder-to-Shoulder-041-July-2018-Frome-Men's-Shed-goes-International.pdf 346.8 KB Frome Shed helps tackle Loneliness in Korea - Frome Times 5th July 2018 P11.pdf Frome-Shed-helps-tackle-Loneliness-in-Korea---Frome-Times-5th-July-2018-P11.pdf 556.2 KB Frome Shed goes International Shoulder to Shoulder 41 July 2018.pdf Frome-Shed-goes-International-Shoulder-to-Shoulder-41-July-2018.pdf 525.8 KB NHS – Musgrove Hospital Facebook – 5th June 2018.pdf NHS-–-Musgrove-Hospital-Facebook-–-5th-June-2018.pdf 322.7 KB Shedders build scooter rack for grateful Vallis schoolchildren Frome Standard 31-May-2018 Page 2.pdf Shedders-build-scooter-rack-for-grateful-Vallis-schoolchildren-Frome-Standard-31-May-2018-Page-2.pdf 1.8 MB The Great Outdoors - Asham Wood.(bird boxes and bat roosts) Frome Standard 17th May 2018.pdf The-Great-Outdoors---Asham-Wood.(bird-boxes-and-bat-roosts)--Frome-Standard-17th-May-2018.pdf 486.7 KB Local Project wins Lottery Funding - Frome Times 10th May 2018.pdf Local-Project-wins-Lottery-Funding---Frome-Times-10th-May-2018.pdf 676.1 KB Remakery - Frome Needs you - Frome Times 26th April 2018.pdf Remakery---Frome-Needs-you---Frome-Times-26th-April-2018.pdf 1.9 MB How we could all be £38000 Lottery Winners Frome Standard 12-Apr-2018.pdf How-we-could-all-be-£38000-Lottery-Winners--Frome-Standard-12-Apr-2018.pdf 723.4 KB Blackmore Vale Magazine - March 2018 - Marnhull Shed Meeting.pdf Blackmore-Vale-Magazine---March-2018---Marnhull-Shed-Meeting.pdf 287.1 KB Find out about new Frome Women's Shed Group Frome Times - 15th March 2018.pdf Find-out-about-new-Frome-Women's-Shed-Group-Frome-Times---15th-March-2018.pdf 342.1 KB The schools travel challenge announces first winning school - Frome Times 15th March 2018.pdf The-schools-travel-challenge-announces-first-winning-school---Frome-Times-15th-March-2018.pdf 313.5 KB The town that’s found a potent cure for illness – community - Guardian Online 21-Feb-2018.pdf The-town-that’s-found-a-potent-cure-for-illness-–-community---Guardian-Online-21-Feb-2018.pdf 251.5 KB Frome Town Council, Critichill School and the Frome Men's Shed work "Shoulder to Shoulder" Frome-Times-15th-Feb-2018-Bird-and-Bat-Boxes.pdf 811.1 KB Coracle races and Frome Shed in THE SCOTTISH SHEDDER.pdf Coracle-races-and-Frome-Shed-in-THE-SCOTTISH-SHEDDER.pdf 232.9 KB Frome Men's Sheds at Frome Cheese Show - Coracle Society Journal Autumn 2017.pdf Frome-Men's-Sheds-at-Frome-Cheese-Show---Coracle-Society-Journal-Autumn-2017.pdf 2 MB Womens Weekly 06-Dec-2017 Pages 10-11 Time to get talking this .pdf Womens-Weekly-06-Dec-2017-Pages-10-11-Time-to-get-talking-this-.pdf 3.6 MB Frome Men's Shed at the Frome Cheese Show Coracle Association.pdf Frome-Men's-Shed-at-the-Frome-Cheese-Show-Coracle-Association.pdf 821.1 KB Frome Times End Loneliness in Mendip - Focus on Men's Sh.pdf Frome-Times--End-Loneliness-in-Mendip---Focus-on-Men's-Sh.pdf 792.8 KB Frome Times Bardic Storytelling Competition 12-Oct-2017.pdf Frome-Times-Bardic-Storytelling-Competition-12-Oct-2017.pdf 1.1 MB Mendip District Council End Loneliness in Mendip 02-Oct-2017.pdf Mendip-District-Council-End-Loneliness-in-Mendip--02-Oct-2017.pdf 405.2 KB Frome Men's Shed at the Cheese Show - Frome Times 28-Sep-2017.pdf Frome-Men's-Shed-at-the-Cheese-Show---Frome-Times-28-Sep-2017.pdf 984.9 KB FTC 05-Sep-2017 Frome Men’s Shed to showcase coracle at Cheese Show.pdf FTC-05-Sep-2017-Frome-Men’s-Shed-to-showcase-coracle-at-Cheese-Show.pdf 465.9 KB UKMSA Shoulder to Shoulder 34 Sept 2017 Coracle Fun.pdf UKMSA-Shoulder-to-Shoulder-34-Sept-2017-Coracle-Fun.pdf 2.3 MB Frome Tmes 20-Jul-2017 Men's Shed thanked for Scooter Storage rack.pdf Frome-Tmes-20-Jul-2017-Men's-Shed-thanked-for-Scooter-Storage-rack.pdf 1.3 MB Frome Standard - 13th July 2017 - Page 6 Shed Heaven (Scooter Rack).pdf Frome-Standard---13th-July-2017---Page-6-Shed-Heaven-(Scooter-Rack).pdf 384.5 KB Frome Times 06-Jul-2017 Coracle Launch.pdf Frome-Times-06-Jul-2017-Coracle-Launch.pdf 573.4 KB Frome Times Scooter Rack 06-Jul-2017.pdf Frome-Times-Scooter-Rack-06-Jul-2017.pdf 721.5 KB Nutcracker Soldiers for Nunney First School The-List-March-2017-Page-5.pdf 477.6 KB Burnham on Sea Meeting Report & pictures 09-Feb-2017.pdf Burnham-on-Sea-Meeting-Report-&-pictures-09-Feb-2017.pdf 1 MB Frome Standard 12th January 2017 - Blue Sunday - Come together.pdf Frome-Standard-12th-January-2017---Blue-Sunday---Come-together.pdf 2.5 MB Town Rangers team up for Frome’s birds bats & bees.pdf Town-Rangers-team-up-for-Frome’s-birds-bats-&-bees.pdf 459.9 KB 07-Apr-2016 Chew Valley Gazette END LONELINESS EVENT TAKING PLACE IN MENDIP THIS MONTH.pdf 07-Apr-2016-Chew-Valley-Gazette-END-LONELINESS-EVENT-TAKING-PLACE-IN-MENDIP-THIS-MONTH.pdf 71.3 KB 07-Apr-2016 Frome Standard END LONELINESS BY SUPPORTING THOSE IN NEED.pdf 07-Apr-2016-Frome-Standard-END-LONELINESS-BY-SUPPORTING-THOSE-IN-NEED.pdf 370.1 KB 28-Jan-2016 Frome Standard PARTY TO CELEBRATE ACTIVE PEOPLE HELPS CHASE BLUES AWAY.pdf 28-Jan-2016-Frome-Standard-PARTY-TO-CELEBRATE-ACTIVE-PEOPLE-HELPS-CHASE-BLUES-AWAY.pdf 1.2 MB 28-Jan-2016 Frome Times A SHED LOAD OF FUN - FROME SHED IS THRIVING 18 MONTHS ON.pdf 28-Jan-2016-Frome-Times-A-SHED-LOAD-OF-FUN---FROME-SHED-IS-THRIVING-18-MONTHS-ON.pdf 1017.4 KB 11-Feb-2016 Frome Times MAYOR LEADS GATHERING TO CELEBRATE COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS.pdf 11-Feb-2016-Frome-Times-MAYOR-LEADS-GATHERING-TO-CELEBRATE-COMMUNITY-VOLUNTEERS.pdf 1.1 MB 11-Jun-2015 Frome Standard VOLUNTEA PARTY ENDS WEEK CELEBRATING THE WORK OF VOLUNTEERS.pdf 11-Jun-2015-Frome-Standard-VOLUNTEA-PARTY-ENDS-WEEK-CELEBRATING-THE-WORK-OF-VOLUNTEERS.pdf 1 MB 05-Feb-2015 Coleford Hub to hold grand opening aimed at getting community more involved.pdf 05-Feb-2015-Coleford-Hub-to-hold-grand-opening-aimed-at-getting-community-more-involved.pdf 136.1 KB 01-Feb-2015 Somerset Standard FAMILIES OUT IN FORCE TO SHOW THEIR SUPPORT FOR NEW HUB OF COMMUNITY.pdf 01-Feb-2015-Somerset-Standard-FAMILIES-OUT-IN-FORCE-TO-SHOW-THEIR-SUPPORT-FOR-NEW-HUB-OF-COMMUNITY.pdf 134.6 KB 01-Nov-2015 A Library of Things will be hosting what is thought to be the UK’s first sharing festival. (Frome).pdf 01-Nov-2015-A-Library-of-Things-will-be-hosting-what-is-thought-to-be-the-UK’s-first-sharing-festival.---(Frome).pdf 80 KB 01-Sep-2015 Frome Standard TELL US A STORY.pdf 01-Sep-2015-Frome-Standard-TELL-US-A-STORY.pdf 82.3 KB 18-Jun-2015 Frome Times VOLUNTEA IN THE PARK.pdf 18-Jun-2015-Frome-Times-VOLUNTEA-IN-THE-PARK.pdf 394.6 KB 26-Mar-2015 Frome Times MONEY MATTERS TIME MATTERS EVENT COMES TO FROME.pdf 26-Mar-2015-Frome-Times-MONEY-MATTERS-TIME-MATTERS-EVENT-COMES-TO-FROME.pdf 243.7 KB 01-Jan-2015 Frome Town Council pledges to give £7000 to community repair shop.pdf 01-Jan-2015-Frome-Town-Council-pledges-to-give-£7000-to-community-repair-shop.pdf 114.8 KB 30-Dec-2014 Frome Standard COMMUNITY GROUP OF THE YEAR(Runner up).pdf 30-Dec-2014-Frome-Standard-COMMUNITY-GROUP-OF-THE-YEAR(Runner-up).pdf 1.4 MB 11-Dec-2014 Frome Times THE KNIVES ARE OUT FOR THE MAYOR.pdf 11-Dec-2014-Frome-Times-THE-KNIVES-ARE-OUT-FOR-THE-MAYOR.pdf 632.5 KB 04-Dec-2014 Frome Standard MAYORS FUNDRAISING IS A CUT ABOVE.pdf 04-Dec-2014-Frome-Standard-MAYORS-FUNDRAISING-IS-A-CUT-ABOVE.pdf 128.6 KB 13-Nov-2014 Frome Standard ANGER AT RULE CHANGES THAT WASTED EFFORT INTO WINNING HOMES BONUS.pdf 13-Nov-2014-Frome-Standard-ANGER-AT-RULE-CHANGES-THAT-WASTED-EFFORT-INTO-WINNING-HOMES-BONUS.pdf 538.7 KB 11-Sep-2014 Frome Times JOY OVER REPAIR BY FROME MEN'S SHED.pdf 11-Sep-2014-Frome-Times-JOY-OVER-REPAIR-BY-FROME-MEN'S-SHED.pdf 211.6 KB 14-Aug-2014 Frome Times GET THINGS FIXED FOR FREE.pdf 14-Aug-2014-Frome-Times-GET-THINGS-FIXED-FOR-FREE.pdf 408.3 KB 17-Jul-2014 Frome Times MEN'S SHEDS TO OPEN IN AUGUST.pdf 17-Jul-2014-Frome-Times-MEN'S-SHEDS-TO-OPEN-IN-AUGUST.pdf 284.8 KB 13-Jul-2014 Frome Standard TIME TO BRING CLOSED TOILET BLOCKS BACK INTO USE.pdf 13-Jul-2014-Frome-Standard-TIME-TO-BRING-CLOSED-TOILET-BLOCKS-BACK-INTO-USE.pdf 494.4 KB 05-Jun-2014 Frome Times LAUNCH OF THE FROME 'MEN'S SHED'.pdf 05-Jun-2014-Frome-Times-LAUNCH-OF-THE-FROME-'MEN'S-SHED'.pdf 675.4 KB 12-Jun-2014 Frome Standard GET TOEGTHER WITH MEN IN THIER SHEDS.pdf 12-Jun-2014-Frome-Standard-GET-TOEGTHER-WITH-MEN-IN-THIER-SHEDS.pdf 492.7 KB 09-May-2014 Frome Times INNOVATIVE PROJECTS SUPPORT THE ISOLATED.pdf 09-May-2014-Frome-Times-INNOVATIVE-PROJECTS-SUPPORT-THE-ISOLATED.pdf 1.4 MB 01-May-2014 Frome Standard PROJECTS THAT TACKLE ISOLATION SHOWCASED .pdf 01-May-2014-Frome-Standard-PROJECTS-THAT-TACKLE-ISOLATION-SHOWCASED-.pdf 1001.8 KB