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The Frome Shed undertakes repairs for people in the Community, as long as this does not compete with a local Business !

The Frome Shed does not charge commissioners for work – We request donations (Over and above agreed materials costs). These donations may be a small as £2, more usually £5-£20, but may be more – The level of the donation is left completely to the Commissioners discretion.  

The Frome Shed will only very rarely choose to undertake a project on any kind of strict timescale – Only if the member Shedder personally agree to commit to a timescale would we accept a project on a strict timescale.

Examples of the work we undertake for people in the Community include:-


Re-rushing or re-caning chairs and stools.

Fixing wobbly (or replacing) legs and arms for chairs or tables

Re-furbishing spinning wheels, pumps, tools, rocking chair, kneeler

Refurbishment of a Victorian mirror stand, windows, a Victorian writing slope (including French Polishing), Easels, Garden benches, a Document Shredder, Angel wings, Mirror and picture frames, Pushchair and Cake stand

Sharpening chisels, secateurs, axes etc

Re-upholstering seats.

Sewing & weaving.



Where items cannot be repaired, we sometimes fabricate from scratch  - For example a Child's Deckchair, horse mounting block, stairs for a mobile home, odd pieces for Looms, and other bespoke wooden items.