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Ready for work! Ready for work!

A newsletter for May


Completed projects - woodwork classes - completed first aid courses - events needing helpers - AGM- Evening sessions



John Corfield liaised over getting a mini-library project under way, and Patrick built it, much to the delight of the Brightstars Nursery.

Ray Cotton built several birdhouses, delivered April 2021, for an art project that featured later in the Daily Mail. They ended up as very elaborate fanciful art objects, and netted the Shed a fine donation. Cheers, Ray.

Please take pictures of your projects before they go, then we can share them here and elsewhere.

Send them to

Woodworking Wednesdays have completed another six-week run, and produced some good learning outcomes! One happy member is pictured . Teresa, Delia and Richard will be starting another course on Wednesday morning, 25th May, so speak to a duty manager to get on the list.

First aid classes were held recently, and now we have more first aid trained duty managers to help run the Shed. We always need more to spread the load, so do speak to a duty manager if this is something you can do once in a while.

The Lions Fete will be on Saturday 18 June. We need help carrying gazebo, games, tables, and manning our stall, which is not just fun, but a great promotional tool for the Shed. Please speak to a duty manager to volunteer, or reply to this email.

The next fun public event after that will be the children’s festival on Sunday 23 August, volunteers needed for that too - do step forward, folks, and give us an hour!

A first heads up: our AGM will be in September.

The evening sessions are continuing, on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month,

from 7 - 9 pm.

Happy Shedding!




The main entrance to the shed The main entrance to the shed
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