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Ready for work! Ready for work!

We have a date for our Open Evening - (which is free!)

Tuesday 8 February, 7 pm - 9 pm.

The idea is for people to come along, look around, tell us their preferred days and preferred activities and any other ideas they have, so we can plan regular evening sessions.

Anyone over 18 is welcome, bring your friends/partners/uncles/aunts/dogwalkers...whoever.

Coffee and snacks on the night, come and tell us how it should be done, and tell us what skills you could share, (and maybe some of you will be happy to help organise the adventure).

Our Monday special daytime group activities calendar will appear here soon, activities are being rescheduled following our 3 weeks Christmas/omicron closure.


Praise for our community volunteers - beginners’ woodwork classes - Cross Stitch for Christmas - solo working - the Big Tidy Up, and bench spaces -evening and Sunday sessions?

The Mayor celebrated our town’s outstanding community members at the Tree Planting recently. In the picture in the Frome Times, you will see Ian Williams at the front, and part of Patrick’s head can be seen - I think! - in the second row. Congratulations and thanks to our dogged Shed members for their tireless community service.

Beginners’ woodwork classes begin on Wednesdays, once a month, as soon as enough numbers are signed up. Look for the sheet on the table in the Shed. Starting with tool sharpening, you will end up with a box of your own making.

Monday 15 November: ‘Cross Stitch for Christmas’ gives participants a kit to do their own piece of work, under guidance from Anne. 

Please remember when using the machine room, we mustn’t work alone, lest accidents occur and there is nobody to raise the alarm.

There is a big Tidy Up going on so that benches can be rearranged upstairs and down, and in the end provide more bench space with less clutter. Many items you will see in temporary positions while shelving is being built, then it all moves around again. Please be sure that anything of yours is safely labelled or otherwise identified!

At the last monthly trustee meeting, one of the many items on the agenda was the proposition to run an evening session. This is in response to requests from the public. Watch this space, and offer your willingness to help, or to join in, to a trustee or duty manager.

You might also fancy a monthly Sunday afternoon Board Games + tea session, please let a duty manager or Trustee know if you would like this to happen.

The main entrance to the shed The main entrance to the shed
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