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"Shed Happens" 8th February 2018

Thank you to Sheila Gore - Frome Town Council Mayor - for her donation to support "Shed Happens!" - Thanks !

This radio show from the Frome Men’s Shed is on Frome FM under the banner of The Health and Wellbeing Hour and is called “Shed Happens”

The Radio Show "Shed Happens" is on Frome FM 96.6, and on Thursday, 8th February 2018 from 12:00 to 1pm.

See details on Frome FM by clicking here

The show is live and repeated the same day at 18:00, Then at the following times

  • Friday 9th February 2018 - 3pm
  • Saturday 10th February 2018 - 5pm
  • Sunday 11th February 2018   - 9am
  • Monday 12th February - 12:00

Or you can download it as a podcast from the website.

This ”Shed Happens”  featured conversations with some Frome Shedders, Richard Whitehouse & Paul Fine.  News about Men’s Sheds across the Country. A telephone interview with Nathan Serea and Seema Kennedy MP re the Jo Cox Commission.  There’s also interviews with the Wincanton Women Shedders. . There’s some music, “Making Tracks” from Richard Whitehouse.

Contact details - Local Men's Sheds

Frome Men’s Shed - Contact: Patrick Abrahams, Tel: 07932-760585, Email:

The Balsam Men's Shed (Wincanton) Contact: Annette Yoosefinejad. Email: Tel: 0196 331 842

Long Ashton Manshed – Contact: Dave Addis . Email:; Phone 07801 816612.

Shepton Men’s Shed – Contact : Graham Cooper, Email:, Tel:  07966 361796

Street Men’s Shed – Contact: Brian Bastable, Email:, Tel: 01458 443940

The Brunel Shed (Corsham) – Contact: Rodney Veazey Email:

Yate Men's Shed - Contact Lori Ramsey 01454866506

Wilton Men’s Shed – Contact: Zoe Cupit, Email:

Wells Men’s Shed - Contact: Mandy Loxton Tel: 01749 670667 Email: or Sally Dempsey Email:

Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge Men’s Shed (BOSHed) Contact: Email: Tel: 07513 117636

Music Tracks

  • "The Shed Song" - Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers
  • “America” Simon & Garfunkel. 1968, Album: Bookends
  • “Eleanor Rigby” – The Beatles. 1966, Album: Revolver
  • “Let’s Go”  - Lensko (behind the news)
  • “Mr Blue Sky ” -  Electric Light Orchestra (ELO.  1977,  Album: Out of the Blue (1977)


2 Making Tracks 3 - Richard Whitehouse - Simon & Garfunkel America - (4-09).mp3
Local Shed News 08-Feb-2018 Delivered.mp3